Thursday, April 13, 2017

With the EPA being picked at, and more environment un-friendly policies drifting forward, I feel, this must be said.

YES! Destroy our Earth! YES! 
Leave nothing for the ourselves in old age, nothing for our children, and absolutely nothing for theirs! YES!
Burn it all, watch as the skies turn grey with pollution again, and our children suffocate in their cribs! YES!
Rejoice, Rejoice, for we are now truly God's of our earth, and we chose to destroy it, we chose to burn the Garden of Eden, instead of care for it!
We shall cover our mouths, eyes, and ears, as our ancestors once covered their bodies! For these are the things we shall see as unacceptable!
Rejoice, for the age of enlightenment has ended, and the age of Joy has begun!
We shall revel in our suffering! For it is what we knowingly bring, and no one would ever bring forth that, which they do not want, so rejoice!
Rejoice in the end, of all things!

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