Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Hospital Visit

A man sat slumped against the wall, head in his hands.
He spoke quietly, more to himself, than anyone nearby- "I was a good man, wasn't I? I was a good man!"

Next to him, in the hall, a nurse stood, glowing pure white eyes. Skin white, unnaturally so, with darker lines breaking it up, showing where the pieces of artificial skin joined together. Inside it's head, a mechanical mind, whirring away. A copy of a great nurse from long ago, altered to be what they would considered, "the perfect nurse."
It spoke - "You ARE a good man."

The man looked up quickly from his hands, tears clearly on his face, a face of sorrow, mixed with worry, and fear - "But WAS I a good man," he then pointed to the door behind him, hand slightly shaking - "Was I a good man" he said, voice starting to break.

- 10 minutes earlier -

The man walked into the hospital room, machines gently beeping, and an old man, in his late 80s or 90s lay in the bed, eyes closed. His face one of forced peace, with a gentle smile, and relaxed brow, that frequently was disturbed by some internal discomfort. The visitor approached the bed, and knelt down beside him.
The old man's eyes popped open suddenly, and he looked at the visitor.

Old Man: "It worked?"
He asked, in a calm voice

Visitor: "It worked."
Said the visitor, equally as calm, and somber

Old Man: "The OCD?"
He questioned, with slightly greater energy

Visitor: "Reduced by 90%"
As he formed a gentle smile

Old Man: "& the eyes?"
Now with some excitement in his voice- but with his own eyes clearly out of focus, unable to focus directly at the visitor.

Visitor: "Got them, their working right now"
The visitor said, still calmly smiling, with his black eyes, with white, slightly teal tinted irises, glowing"

Old Man: "It all went to plan?"

Visitor: "Everything seems to be in order, I feel-" there was a pause "Like, myself"

They both laughed quietly, but the man quickly started coughing, and became silent.

Old Man: "Pray for me."
The old man said, eyes closed, clearly in increased discomfort.

The visitor lowered his head, closed his eyes, clasped his hands together, and resting his thumbs against the bridge of his nose, began to pray.
Visitor: "Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those, who trespassed against us- and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, now"

There was a long pause.

Visitor: "and at the hour, of *our* death."

There was a different, gentle beep, from the machines, the old man had passed. No one would try to resuscitate him, to restart his breathing, this was his wish.

The visitor looked upwards, and closed his eyes. "God, please forgive me for my sins. I know I have not lived a perfect life, but please, forgive me." a pause "Please accepted me into heaven, please HAVE accepted me into heaven!"
As he thought the last part, of this personal plee to God, he began to cry, turned from the bed and left the room.

As he slumped down against the wall outside, a priest quickly approached.
The priest, having reached the door, looked over at a the nurse quickly approaching, before looking down on man against the wall. The priests face showed some simblance of sorrow, but also, of contempt.

As the priest vanished into the hospital room, clearly late for the Old Man's last rights, the visitor thought.
"The priest should have been there- no one should die alone."

Thursday, April 13, 2017

With the EPA being picked at, and more environment un-friendly policies drifting forward, I feel, this must be said.

YES! Destroy our Earth! YES! 
Leave nothing for the ourselves in old age, nothing for our children, and absolutely nothing for theirs! YES!
Burn it all, watch as the skies turn grey with pollution again, and our children suffocate in their cribs! YES!
Rejoice, Rejoice, for we are now truly God's of our earth, and we chose to destroy it, we chose to burn the Garden of Eden, instead of care for it!
We shall cover our mouths, eyes, and ears, as our ancestors once covered their bodies! For these are the things we shall see as unacceptable!
Rejoice, for the age of enlightenment has ended, and the age of Joy has begun!
We shall revel in our suffering! For it is what we knowingly bring, and no one would ever bring forth that, which they do not want, so rejoice!
Rejoice in the end, of all things!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A future without work

We are coming up to a point in history where machines will be able to do everything, & I'm not just talking about manual labor, but literally everything.
This is a horrifying prospect to many, even most, but it has the opportunity to set us free to actually enjoy our lives. Many in America have subscribed to the idea, that you "Live, to Work" - but some, like the French, seem to remember, we are not machines, they "Work to Live."
Of course, without any more Work, what do you do? Simply "Live to Live?" Is this such a bad thing? How would you gain wealth, items, trinkets, your possessions. In such a world, would you find yourself stagnant. Never growing, always slowly withering away, bit by bit?
The truth is, that, as I said earlier, follow the French. Think of this as an opportunity, to Live. Without work, suddenly this doesn't mean you can't Live any more, this means you are free to Live more. Yes- there are serious issues created, but maybe it's time to look inwards again, and realize physical goods, wealth, and all of those trinkets we put so much faith in, are not what matters. Maybe it's free time, time to spend with the ones we love, doing what we love, that should matter.
But yeah, I do want the latest Star Wars this or that, so all of us still have a ways to go :P

Monday, August 15, 2016

Political, 8/15/2016, ignore if from the future, or not political

Someone on Facebook prompted me for reasons why I dislike Trump, they also gave me a few reasons why they dislike Hillary. Thought I would share my response.

While Hillary is corrupt, I do believe that she is not morally corrupt. 75% of what she does she does for more than just profit. Countless charitable activities, some, rather unfortunately, with profit in mind, but all do actually seem to make progress towards helping people. If nothing else, at least she does not publicly condone violence, greed, hatred, and tries to fight for most human rights.

When it comes to Benghazi, her response was faultless, she did everything she could, but at that point there were no real solutions. As for what led up to Benghazi, the Ambassador's requests for more security going unanswered, yes, indeed she does share a fair amount of fault there, but it's not only her. Let's also not forget that there are situations similar to this frequently, where someone requests more security, but in the long term, it turned out not to be necessary, this is one of those times where the person (Ambassador in this case) should have been given more.

As for arming the Muslim Brotherhood, she has no blame for that, except carrying the same policies America has carried since Vietnam, something that I do think should be changed, but not something that should be taken as a personal fault of hers. The USA has been arming different factions for years in attempts to play small 'proxy' wars, in an attempt to spread democracy. This has been an all out failure, with maybe the exception of South Korea. None the less, this is an American policy, one she simply followed- do I think that makes her exempt from the sins such policies commit? No, but it is important to understand why such a thing was done.

The e-mail scandal is indeed disconcerting, at best, it shows an overall lack of understanding for the digital environment, and at worst, a disregard for the safety of classified information. As for prosecution for such a thing, as has been said before, mistakes of this magnitude have been made before, and no official has ever been charged with a crime for it. I do believe given this level of screw up though, she should have taken it upon herself to step down, and never perused the presidency.

In the end, I think of Hilary as a bit corrupt, but more than anything, incompetent. The worst thing she could do is maintain the status quo, maybe pushing America ever so slightly in the wrong direction.

A man who lacks any morals whatsoever, he has shown over his life not to respect anyone, or anything, except himself. He might not have a long list of mistakes, or misjudgments in the political world, but he does have a history of non-moral, non-christian activities.

He cut off medical treatments for his nephew's newborn baby, who was very sickly. Why? Money. His nephew's child was born very shortly after his father's passing(days), and when they found out the newborn would not be able to inherit anything, they sued. Instead of simply fighting them in court, he had the family medical insurance pulled from the child to try to force an end to the lawsuit. This clearly shows a complete disregard of human life.

Billings - as in billing people without reason, or warranted action. Trump built a golf course in Scotland quite a whiles back, but decided the view was not ideal, because there was a small house visible. What he did, was pile a heap of earth next to the house to block it from view, and then sent a bill to the house owner for the dirt, and the work.
How wonderful, that a man think he can do something to help himself, and then bill someone else for his actions. Better hope he doesn't dislike your child, he might have someone shoot it, then send you a bill for a 'very' late term 'abortion.'

Manipulation - In the USA, there are many laws in place to insure that business is conducted fairly, and that no one is cheating. Unfortunately, it seems that there are quite a few ways to get around these checks if you are willing to go to court over just about everything.
He has sued people, businesses, and government organizations, from everything from reporting the truth of his actions, and calling it slander, to simply trying to speed up investigations, or those silly checks I spoke about earlier. There are too many things for me to even link here, but he basically uses lawsuits as his own personal weapon against everything, from wanting his name off of something he used to own, but sold, to fighting a decision that he doesn't agree with. Greed rules this man, non-stop, and he has admitted to being greedy. I do ask you, does 4,056 lawsuits over 3 decades seem like a man playing by the rules, or a man trying to make them play by his, and against everyone else?

Bankruptcy - To most people bankruptcy is something terrifying, something to be avoided, something that means you have hit rock bottom, and have to start building yourself back up again. Trump on the other hand, apparently sees this like anything else, a tool to be exploited. At first it looks like he did indeed use them to 'survive' but he himself was never in any threat, because when his businesses failed, and so many of them have, it was the business that filed for Chapter 11, and not he himself.
In many cases, particularly six of his casinos, all that happened was he left the company in someone's hands, and reduced his share in the company to below 50%. It should also be pointed out that in many of his casinos, he was acting as more of an investor, than an actual business owner, but I think that in itself is disgraceful, as he did indeed put his name on these businesses, and if you are going to claim to be a business owner, you should be one in more than just title.
This all does mean that he knows how to start a business, and actually even come out making a profit even if that business goes under- but that's not what you need for a country, you can't just get the ball rolling, and jump ship the second things start to go wrong, you have to do things that you believe will function for an extended period of time.

Respect - Or, lack of respect. Donald Trump, long before his presidential run, has never shown respect for anyone, or in the few cases he has, he is more than willing to do a 180. I'm not just talking about his business partners, or the contestants that he verbally assaulted on his silly TV shows, I'm talking about your layman, your standard citizen.
This is a man, who is not beyond insulting one's physical features, they way they look, eat, dress or act, even if all of the above are perfectly fine, but only off by the smallest amount.
He mocked Kasich's eating habits, something a 10 year old school bully would do, showing a lack of respect for a fellow human, but also a lack of maturity in his thinking, and actions.
He also mocked a reporter, for the way the man was shaped, and acting, you know, because he was disabled. You could claim that people who are physically disabled in a way that might be considered physically repulsive to some should stay behind closed doors... but we did that before, and why shouldn't one be able to follow their dreams, long as they can get the job done, the only people who are harmed are those who cannot respect the person. (Again, denying the truth)
Like most of these, the examples I give are only the things I know off the top of my head, I suggest looking for more, I'm sure you will find a history of foul actions, demeaning to other human beings.

Killing - As I mentioned previously, Trump has no morals. He does not care about the lives of his Nephew's child, so it should come as no surprise that he doesn't care about the lives of terrorists families. Now this might seem odd, why should we care about them? Well how many times on the news have you heard about a mother, or father, whose child has just been sentenced to jail time for a crime, and those parents had no idea their child was up to no good? Can you be sure that the families of these terrorists are not in the same position? That they might assume their child, husband, father, or brother are just going to work? How many families have waved goodbye to their loved ones, and not seen them again? Many may have left their families to fight for 'their cause,' why should the family, who was abandoned also be punished for the failings of one family member.
Trump has suggested killing these possibly innocent people, something we currently do with our drone attacks, at least if the target is at home at the time of the strike. Imagine if it was mandated though, you find out there is a suspected terrorist in this house, so you follow him out to the road, sure enough he plants a IED- well, better take him out,, but wait! You want to make sure you take out his family too, and right now his kids are at school, better wait till this evening, they probably eat dinner around 6:30pm. 6:30 rolls around, and look, the neighbor came to visit... should we shoot? It's just one 'innocent' that came over to visit, everyone else is already 'guilty' - what is the harm, with one more person who is clearly friends with a terrorist.
You have just killed A dad (Terrorist, had it coming, right?), a mom (scared, but loyal, overall innocent), their kid (innocent as innocent can be,) and the neighbor (Who happened to be  a local cleric coming to try to persuade the dad from taking terrorist actions.) No sin in that right? You didn't just betray God by killing all of those innocent people? They might not believe in him, but they are still his children, but eh', terrorist blood doesn't count, and long as you are near terrorist blood, you mind as well be one too.
Now Trump has said that he never said that, but unfortunately for him, we live in a world where you can actually record these things, and you can hear him say it yourself. This is a man who clearly does not care about human life, who clearly is not a Christian in the slightest.

Torture - Trump has said that we have to go beyond the torture we already do, this of course is already a 'touchy subject' for many, as the USA is already violating international law in the interrogation techniques we use, but Trump claims that even our simple violations do not go far enough, that we should go farther. Just as what I said previously, on his deny of saying some things, he said he changed his mind on this subject. I remember watching his speech, I was glad that he had, for a moment I had hope that he could change on some of his immoral beliefs, then I watched his next speech, the next day. Trump, had decided to go back to fully supporting torture, completely against the United Nations Convention against Torture, completely against any moral standing. Remember, torture has been used, go ahead, look up what we already do, it's pretty horrible, but if that doesn't sound so bad, look up what we did in Vietnam, or what we let others do on our behalf. Torture does not only destroy the flesh, but it destroys the mind, and of course, it corrupts your mind too, by accepting these things done in the name of 'freedom' we are destroying our own souls. Also do not forget, that just because someone is tortured, and confesses to something, that doesn't mean that they are actually guilty, torture is well known for getting false confessions, and bad information. The best interrogator there ever was, was a Nazi named Hanns Scharff, who after WW2 joined the USA, he got information not by poking, prodding, cutting or drowning, but by simply talking, and befriending those he was questioning.

Trump calls for a return to the 'good old days' - which conjures up pictures of Black folk hanging from trees, Asians locked up in camps across the USA for fear of being associated with Japan, or the 1950's government propaganda(Something which became legal again not too long ago!). We must work to improve our country, not look to 'past glory' or an attempt to 'make america great again.' America has many issues, but looking back, being led by hate(Sin), greed(Sin), and violence/killing(Sin SIN SIN!) will not make things better, we are God's children, he gave us souls made in his image, capable of doing such great things, let us not be led astray by someone who so readily embraces the devil's works at every turn.

Friday, October 9, 2015

VR =/= 4k

I have heard people say VR screens are roughly the same as 4k, thing is, that doesn't appear to be the case. A 4k screen is 4096x2160, where as a VR screen, the Vive for example, is reported to be 2160x1200.
Both do indeed contain the number 2160, which might be where people are getting confused, but the thing is, for 4k, that number represents the vertical pixel count, and for the Vive, it represents the horizontal pixel count.

- Pixel Count -
4k: 8,847,360
Vive: 2,592,000

Below I have attached a image showing how many pixels a Vive would take up when compared to a 4k screen. The small text, that probably just looks like dots in the image, are "4k" text & "Vive" text, both @ 12pt font size. I have overlayed larger 300pt font just so you know which is which.

PS: I like the Vive, I just don't like it when people claim VR headsets have a 4k resolution.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Yep, someone tried to say Dead Space 3 was not too bad...
Even though it did have good parts, I still find it painful to think on.. so I wrote them a bit of a response, and because I love venting about Dead Space 3, I figured I would post said response here, for posterity.

  Man... so much more is wrong than just story issues though. The pacing, I loved the slower plodding pacing you felt in the original, with a feeling of tension, that I never got bored of, which when changed into an action game, was almost completely missing.

  Also the weapons changes, instead of having classic, easy to remember weapons, you had a pile of random components, that never formed anything fun or enjoyable.

  Suspension of disbelief also became a problem, in Dead Space 2, you only had one or two minutes where the game felt like it lost the plot, and Isaac could be flung through space like a rag doll without suffering great harm, or suddenly feeling like he was something out of an Anime.

  In DS3, suddenly with the "action" focus, this often felt like it was a norm. These scenes 100% of the time felt contrived, and as if someone had paid to have them put in to attempt to garner a larger audience.

  As I mentioned before, about the feeling of tension being lost, this is also an issue caused by the actual environments themselves. While above the planet, you still get a fair few good vibes from the environments, long as you ignore the fact that the ship interiors are repeats of one another. (Even though that kinda makes sense for mass produced space ships.)

  Problem is, once you get to the planet, even though there are some truly beautiful small interiors, they are almost always forgotten when you are in bland concrete corridors, or in the shocking un-inspired outside.

  Imagine for a second that instead of the snow being a white wash, it was more of a gray, not because the snow is gray, but because it is so dense, the sun is getting blocked out. Now imagine, instead of vents being something you have to fear 100% of the time, the shadows you always see dancing around you in the snow are your true enemy. Never knowing when a shadow will actually lean forward & attempt to remove you from the living world, or if it is just a dense clump of snow drifting by. If they had done this, instead of having enemies randomly pop out of the ground, it would have been far more interesting. Give you a directed target to fear, not just "all of the ground can kill you." Let you fear the shadows in the snow.

  Back onto story, I have a billion minor complaints, but the more I think about it, the more I think it was a good story, just poorly executed- except for one aspect of the DLC. The Spheres talking to you. They had One voice.. it didn't sound like a billion souls speaking as one, but just 2-7, if that. If they were to speak to you, let every time they speak, the world around you fill with those that you have lost, or, since DS3 decided to go the idiotic rough of Isaac suddenly killing an assortment of Unitologist terrorists, have hordes of those he had sent to their maker surround him.

  Even if the Spheres do not truly hold the spirits of the diseased, why should they ever drop the charade. Why try to get Isaac to show them to Earth.. so he won't try to stop them, what could one man have done in the end anyway? The gameplay in the DLC felt far better than the rest of the game, like a return to form, but the story itself in this part did leave me feeling rather ill. Particularly the very end, which just felt too fantastical, and too standard sci-fi fair.

(YT edit I made, when I decided I had more to say) Edit: As for the multiplayer, I think they failed... miserably... With a game that focuses so greatly on the Phychological effects of the Markers, they barely touched on it with characters seeing something different. The few times they did, it was simply replace X model, with Y model, and call it spooky. How about Isaac sees you in a run down bunker/facility, but you... you are back home, in a proper moon-base house, that just happens to have the same turns as the bunker, but overall, nothing you are seeing is the same. Dear lord, I remember Jesse Cox's playthrough of DS3, when Dodger sees the "bleeding walls" of the elevator, she describes them as something truly fantastical, and horrifying! So I go to watch her video.. only to discover that nothing impressive had happened, only a simple texture switch of the elevator walls. Flat textures, next to no depth.

  If they did "teleport" one person to another environment, their body would remain still, fighting unseen enemies- if you are going to do this, separate the players physically before you lock one of them "in their head" that way the player who is not experiencing anything out of the ordinary has more of a clue- or better yet, have the character move about in their environment, acting strangely,and not just shaking their head.

  In many ways, the multiplayer felt tacked on... which can often be a good thing, because it means the game is still viable to play Single Player, as one would expect you to play a Dead Space game. At the same time, they did just enough to the environments to make it painfully apparent that there were supposed to be two people there. Like the ladders to get up a 3 foot ledge, when a stairwell, or an already extended ladder would have been suitable for gameplay. Then there is of course, the multiplayer only sections of the game, which you would expect them to go all out on, which of course, as I described above, they most certainly did not.

  As for "playing it with friends" I never really wanted to get a friend involved in Dead Space, and when Dead Space 3 came out, I found I had none I could convince to come on a journey with me. Not to mention, knew of no one who would take the game as seriously as I, and hence did not want to involve them. If they like the game, let them experience it their own way, just as I would like to experience it my own way- except in an attempt to make the game open up for a new audience, they killed so much of what made Dead Space beautiful.

  If they wanted to make a Multiplayer Dead Space game, then they should have done so. Not as "Dead Space 3" but as it's own stand alone game. After Dead Space 2, for a time I actually wondered what human vs human combat looked like in their universe, I wanted a game set there, not a Dead Space game, not something to do with the Markers, with Convergence, with Unity, but something just set in that same world.

  Something I forgot to mention before, the combat; in the original two, as I did mention, the combat could feel plodding, slow, determined. In Dead Space 3, they decided to try to mix things up, not as they did in Dead Space 2 by creating new creatures for us to rest our eyes upon, but by changing the way things worked. They did indeed create a few new enemies to fight, most of which never felt like Necromorphs in the slightest.

  First, the starving bastards you find locked in their bunkers. Starving for food, emaciated, running madly! Like a zombie.. just like a zombie. Nothing interesting, or unique about them, in Dead Space 2 they had something like this, but it was horrifying, it was painful to shoot at them, because they were children. Something pure, that should be full of joy, slain, and changed, charging at you, deformed bowls, and twisted hands! Not something that starved to death, that looks like a survivor from a twisted camp. Like something a Artist would make just to pass the time, on a particularly standard day.

  Second, the pic axe wielding buggers- Very cool... in no way shape or form. Even worse than a zombie, it resembles a crazed man- bu no fear, in the end they are Necromorphs are they? Surely beneath their clothing or armor lurks something more insidious? No- of course not, this is a game designed to appear to a new audience, designed not to scare those who were too terrified to play the previous ones, even though as "horror" games go, they were not considered so terrifying.

  With so many of these, you could not even rely on tried and true method of combat, aim for the limbs! Remember, the previous games, they kept saying this one. In fact, in the second one, they repeated it quite often out of fear of the player forgetting what was one of the main draws of Dead Space 1. So much so, that some of the original advertisements, and talks to get people into the first game, pointed out their "strategic dismemberment" system. The fact that you were to aim at specific limbs to get the job done.

  With two games of "training" under ones belt, at first sight of something not right, you aim for the limbs, slow them down, arms, even Necromorph arms are not as fast a way to move as legs- until Dead Space 3 that is.

  A "pick axe" bastard, for instance, if you were to shoot off his leg, he would fall to the ground, and begin moving at the same speed, or faster. So, let's improvise them, aim for the arms, or even for some silly reason, maybe the head. No? What has this done? Disabled it, no arms, no head? Oh, good, it has changed, this feels unique. But wait! How is it changing?

  Once it's upper limbs are gone, does its chest burst open, to attempt in a last ditch effort to impale you with it's ribs, now twisted & pushed outwards? Maybe possibly burst two smaller limbs from it's abdomen, as Necromorphs of the past have been seen to have, then try to grab you?

  No? None of that, well, what does it do? Oh.. it splits in two- a necromorph, a being which uses necrotic flesh to form new shapes, or at least the very least refit existing shapes, now throws away 50% of it's biomass, 50% that still has back muscles a spine, and assortment of other things- to have 3 small spines all of a sudden, and to try to stab you with them.... wonderful. Very original, not an instant reminder of another series that had undead creatures attempting to kill you.

  Luckily, the devs did create a few new creatures. Bosses, something Dead Space 2 was missing, saw their return in Dead Space 3. The devs also added "aliens" to their list of creatures.

  Now as much as this seems like it should be a boon to the game, it is not. It would have been a boon, if the creatures that attacked you in the depths of that planet, had not looked like the statues surrounding you. If they were Necromorphs, similar to the Axe buggers above, why had they not been changed? Laying down in those forgotten tunnels, should they not have decomposed, leaving only twisted wretches to be re-animated. Why did they still hold so much of their shape, when on the Ishimura, these freshly killed beings found themselves distorted & twisted so quickly.

  Then we have those quick buggers, which again, looked so very much like a man in a suit, or standard zombie. Remember in Dead Space 1, when you ran into the military troops who had been changed? Their armor split, their body forced in an unnatural way, it looked like something was wrong with them, and their suit.... since it was the suit, and it's stasis module that allowed them to move so quickly... but on that frozen planet, suddenly you have beings that barely look like they have been through a rough winter, maybe with a few tears to their back.

  So many others felt like re-skins, such as the dogs, and frankly so did the aliens down below much of the time. While they replaced these old necromorphs, I still found myself missing some of the other types we once saw. The fat ones, the charging ones, luckily the "raptors" still returned, but overall, the game felt like it was made by a different studio almost.

  I long for the days of walking through a Dark ship or station, listening to the sounds in the walls, wondering what amalgamation might show itself next. Not a love triangle, set on a painfully bright world, full of bog standard undead creatures.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Video Sage - Computer Specs

----------4k Tower----------
Capable of viewing, and playing @4k

Cool Master, HAF Stacker, 935 ATX, Full Tower

-Power Supply-
EVGA SuperNOVA 1000G2, 1000W, Modular ATX

-Hard Drives-
Samsung 840 EVO, 500GB (SSD) (OS)
Samsung 840 EVO, 250GB (SSD) (Scratch)
Hitachi 4TB, 7200RPM (HDD) (Apps)
Hitachi 4TB, 7200RPM (HDD) (Storage)

Asus X99-Deluxe, ATX LGA2011-3

Intel i7-5960X, Eight-Core 3.0GHz

CPU Cooler:
Corsair H100i 77.0, CFM Liquid Cooler

G.Skill Ripjaw 4 Series, DDR4 3200, 4x4GB (16GB)

EVGA GeForce GTX 980 4GB Superclocked

----------Original Tower----------
Now used for Second Sage footage.

Cool Master Storm Stryker, Full Tower

-Power Supply-
COUGAR CMX 1000, 1000W, ATX12V

-Hard Drives-
512GB Crucial CT512MX100SSD1 (SSD) (OS)
128GB Samsung SSD 840 (SSD) (Scratch)
1TB ST1000DM003-1CH162 (HDD) (Apps)
1TB ST1000DM003-1CH162 (HDD) (Storage)

Asus P8Z77-V, ATX LGA 1155

Intel i7-3770 Ivy Bridge, Quad-Core 3.4GHz (3.9GHz Turbo)

CPU Cooler:
Cool Master Hyper 212 EVO

G.SKILL Ripjaw X Series, DDR3 1600, 2x8GB (16GB)
G.SKILL Ripjaw X Series, DDR3 1600, 2x4GB (8GB)

EVGA GTX 690, 4gb 512-bit