Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Hypocrisy, of the "Pro-Life"

Ok mother funker, I'm not in the mood for your short sighted, un-educated, anti-intellectual bullshit.
What is a spirit? Energy, where does it exist? The brain. 

Can a human survive without a heart, lungs, kidneys, spleen? Yes, long as a machine, or a replacement can be found, but this cannot be said when a brain is destroyed. Therefore the Spirit, if it exists, which I believe it does, sits in the brain.

What can we assume the spirit is then? Energy, and it manifests in brainwaves. At what point can we detect brain waves? At 5-7 weeks.
Therefore it is logical that any abortion that takes place prior to 5 weeks, could be considered not taking a human life, if we are to assume taking a human life involves the removal of a human soul from this mortal plain.

To say abortion is "killing a life" would be to blatantly argue, that the cessation of any life, including cell life, is "killing a life" - which I highly doubt anyone would agree, that the statement "killing a life" when used in abortion, is talking about the simple loss of cellular activity.
If that was the case, then the same people would be calling out in terror every time someone harvested vegetables.

So, we are now assuming that "it's killing a life" refers to the destruction of the human form, and more-over, considering most who use the term are religious, the destruction of a human vessel, containing a human soul.
Yet, as I mentioned earlier, a human soul, if it does exist, in absolutely all likelihood, is represented in the human brain, by brainwaves- which are not detected till 5-7 weeks. Meaning prior to that point, you are not likely "killing a life" but simply stopping cellular development, and preventing a vessel from developing.

Could I be wrong, might the soul actually be dedicated to a form, created, or sent from heaven prior to this point, might the machines be wrong, and simply be too week to detect whatever activity exists to tell us a soul is present?? YES! **YES!**
But given the information we have at present, it's illogical to simply assume that a soul is formed, sent, or received at conception. If that was the case, any time a woman had her period shortly after sex, after a sperm had already impregnated an egg, her body would be killing a life, her body would be acting in sin. Same goes for miscarriages. 

So, do I support abortion? Prior to 5 weeks, begrudgingly, and barely; but even then, I'm furious that people don't take responsibility, don't see to it that their tubes are tied, a condom is used, that they have self-control, or don't fight to have access to birth control.
I find it infuriating, that a blind answer of "it's killing a life" is so often applied to all types of abortion, when it's such a short-sighted answer.


Furthermore, even though I put "it's killing a life" in quotes, showing I have disdain for the saying, it doesn't mean I have an anti-life position! As I have clarified, I have great repulsion to blind dogma, but also great sorrow for those that decide abortion is the way for them, even if it is before 5 weeks.

Continued- I do defend my original, implied argument, that someone can dare claim to be pro-life, yet support weapons sales, can support war mongering.
So often these groups that claim to be pro-life scream and shout about there being too many immigrants, too many leeches, too many poor, too many draining our resources.
Yet their only answer to these solutions is hate, is to deport, is to ignore, is to blame the downtrodden. That, THAT, is anti-life, that is to hate the life that exists.
Sure, I definitely agree that abortion after 5 weeks probably is "killing a life," and before, it is definitely snuffing out potential, which is shameful- but the sadistic dogma that has taken hold in the USA, is that War is good, violence is acceptable, and killing is something not to be ashamed of- unless it's an unborn child.

Where has our compassion gone? Did we never have any? Do we really not care about those suffering abroad? Do we really not care about those who will find hardship when waters rise? Do we really not care for those who don't have access to clean waters, and find their children dying at a young age, or themselves crippled by a disease that could have been avoided?
Our country, has lost it's compassion. To call for an end to abortions, even those that lack logic, while being alright with leaders shouting for war, shouting to bomb our enemies into oblivion, civilians and nearby allies included, while shunning those lives that flee from such areas- that is hypocritical to no end, that is the devil's way.

So turn a blind eye to all life except a small group you have been programmed by corrupt men & women to care about- turn a blind eye to logic, to reasoning, and to life, and pay attention to the one little light you are told you are supposed to care about- but know, deep down inside, you are the devil's puppet.
He let's you care about one good thing, but only because he knows he can blind you with it's light, to the point, where the other lights, will never be noticed, when they get snuffed out.

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