Thursday, January 5, 2017

A future without work

We are coming up to a point in history where machines will be able to do everything, & I'm not just talking about manual labor, but literally everything.
This is a horrifying prospect to many, even most, but it has the opportunity to set us free to actually enjoy our lives. Many in America have subscribed to the idea, that you "Live, to Work" - but some, like the French, seem to remember, we are not machines, they "Work to Live."
Of course, without any more Work, what do you do? Simply "Live to Live?" Is this such a bad thing? How would you gain wealth, items, trinkets, your possessions. In such a world, would you find yourself stagnant. Never growing, always slowly withering away, bit by bit?
The truth is, that, as I said earlier, follow the French. Think of this as an opportunity, to Live. Without work, suddenly this doesn't mean you can't Live any more, this means you are free to Live more. Yes- there are serious issues created, but maybe it's time to look inwards again, and realize physical goods, wealth, and all of those trinkets we put so much faith in, are not what matters. Maybe it's free time, time to spend with the ones we love, doing what we love, that should matter.
But yeah, I do want the latest Star Wars this or that, so all of us still have a ways to go :P

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