Friday, October 9, 2015

VR =/= 4k

I have heard people say VR screens are roughly the same as 4k, thing is, that doesn't appear to be the case. A 4k screen is 4096x2160, where as a VR screen, the Vive for example, is reported to be 2160x1200.
Both do indeed contain the number 2160, which might be where people are getting confused, but the thing is, for 4k, that number represents the vertical pixel count, and for the Vive, it represents the horizontal pixel count.

- Pixel Count -
4k: 8,847,360
Vive: 2,592,000

Below I have attached a image showing how many pixels a Vive would take up when compared to a 4k screen. The small text, that probably just looks like dots in the image, are "4k" text & "Vive" text, both @ 12pt font size. I have overlayed larger 300pt font just so you know which is which.

PS: I like the Vive, I just don't like it when people claim VR headsets have a 4k resolution.


  1. Hmmm from all the information I have heard it would be extremely hard to make 120fps 4k with current gen graphics cards. Heck I think the nvidia 970 was the minimum they could go for 1080p at 120fps.
    However there is just so much information going around when it comes to vr. You try to keep track of everything but there are just so many new units coming out by someone else every second day it feels like. Still from what I understand if I remember correctly it isnt 4k, but rather 2 1080p screens, one for each eye.

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