Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Joint Survival, Video Catch up (Why I am behind)

I'm trying to get a video out every day to catch up to Arron & Scot, but it's allot of work.

   If we recorded for 4 hours, that means at absolute least I would need to edit for 4 hours to get through that footage and that's not counting the time it takes to cut out silent bits, bits that luckily are no longer relevant, putting in music in the background, text on screen if I feel it's needed, or would add something more. Even if I'm cutting something out, I usually watch/listen to it first to insure there isn't something worth keeping in it. Then comes the exporting of the file, which usually takes around an hour or so for a 30-40 minute video.... then the nightmare that is uploading. On average it takes 3-4 hours to upload a 30 minute video, 2 if I'm really lucky.

   I could edit more out, I could cut out anything that doesn't directly affect me, or if Scot dies, just skip ahead, but sometimes knowing what they are working on explains why when I go over to them later, I'm confused at a lack of progress, or vise versa. If i'm working on a ship, it's suddenly done, and I fly over to them and ask "Did you get it working?" You would have no idea what I am talking about, no idea why I might be grumpy, or on the brink of laughter, if I just edited out the silly conversations of people failing, or getting killed by doors.

   With that explained, continuing on with the editing, if I start working on a video in the morning, to make a 30~ minute video, that's probably going to be about 45-60 minutes of footage I edit through, with extra time taken to edit in the things I mentioned before. So if I start working at 9:30 am, it's going to be at least 11:00 am by the time I'm done editing, and that's if I don't take a break like I am right now to type this & let some stress off, so really around 11:30-12:00 before I'm done editing. Then I que the video up to render, and that takes about an hour, so by now it's going to be 1:00 pm, provided the render doesn't fail, or I don't see a problem with the finished file. I usually get lunch, or take a break while it renders, since it's an hour of my computer working fairly hard to generate the file. Then I start the upload, which on average takes 3-4 hours as I said above... for a 30-35 minute video. I could edit another video, or do something "productive" with this time, but frequently I don't, I go for a walk with my Dog, or something of that sort, or play a offline/solo game. Once the video is done uploading, I check it for monetization woes, enter the description if I didn't do that already, make sure the thumb nail took, and set up the ever annoying Annotations, by then, it's probably 5:00 pm.

   Anyhow, point is, if all I do in a day is work on Joint Survival, it's a full day just to get one video out.... and that is if nothing goes wrong along the way, or my OCD or Depression/Anxiety don't cause me to lock up. I figure it's killing my channel putting out next to nothing but Survival... but, I still enjoy the actual playing of the survival 7/10 times, and I want my side of the story to get out there when things go oh so wrong. It just eats up so much time, and leaves me so drained I don't want to do anything else. If DX11/DX12 ever get into SE, I'll get a motivation boost to mod, but I really want bloody blocks inside blocks so I can make tight hallways/rooms, and put furniture inside them.

   Well, that's that, just felt like I needed to share... since so many people keep asking "Why are you so far behind Arron & Scot?" Now you know for the most part. If something goes wrong making the video, or like yesterday I was working on something for Joint Survival with the group, that we were not recording currently, then I probably won't get the video done till the evening, which means I won't start my upload till 8:00 or so, in which case I go to bed before the video is done uploading/processing to HD. I could schedule the video to release, but then it might have a monetization issue, or something else I won't catch.



  1. I like the speed you things are going so don't stress out too much I'm pretty sure other people do too there are plenty of people that appreciate the quality o over quantity of your conten

  2. Why would putting out nothing but survival kill your channel?? I subscribed because of the survival. Heck I found the alien isolation just to be a good bonus. My only problem is that I have already seen Aron's footage a month or so before hand and so I click your videos, but pay a lot less attention to them as it is mostly a more detailed repeat.
    And as for depression preventing you from doing anything, I am sure a lot of people can understand. I know I can......

    1. Oh wait I didn't see the time-stamp on this blog lol. Reply to a months old post ;P