Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is what updating drivers does on a G73jh

Apparently this is what I get for trying to update my drivers on my Asus G73jh, with a Radeon HD Mobility 5870. 

This error only started after I installed, and then removed Catalyst Control Center. See below for details on what happened after that first un-install.

I tried re-installing ATI'/AMD's Catalyst Control Center, Maya will start working, but World of Warcraft, a game that is very dear to me, will cause my entire computer to crash after 10-50 minutes. Also, I find that the computer will still crash if I am running Maya for a long period of time. I actually experimented with only installing the drivers in the Catalyst Control Center download, but the same issues still occurred.

The crashes that I experience, result in vertical bars, or other strange things being on the screen.

I have tried un-installing Catalyst Control Center, which then results in the first error I had anyway. So after at least 5-8 hours of looking for a solution over 4 days, I have finally found somethign on the ATI/AMD website saying that drivers should only be downloaded from the Computer Manufacturer's website. Their luckily was a link. This download gave me a Catalyst Control Center app, specific to my Asus computer. Thing is, this one doesn't seem to be causing the same crashes, but, it still prevents me from using Maya.

Making my computer 50% pointless. Yay I can still play games, but what good is that if I can't do what I really love to do in life, which is make 3d art of sorts....

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