Monday, October 4, 2010


After countless days, & long nights, I have made a fair amount of progress on our Final Project game's textures. Ages ago it seems I finished modeling the foyer, tools, & a few random props... Including a door! -.- Only last night did I finally manage to texture all of it, only missing a few things.

All of the folowing are hand painted, which was a divergence from our original concept, but I personally like.  All pictures are taken with all lighting, & shading in Maya turned off.

SVA -  I fear this could still use some work.
EctoLocator - In game the programmers have stuck a needle on this, & it looks amazing while working.
GhostLight - I love how the texture came out on the screen itself, even though this may change later to allow the actual scene to be seen on the screen....  Metal could use a bit of love, then again, its metal.
The Foyer - Textures her are a first pass, they will probably change, if nothing else, the colors will change slightly... so there wont  be a pink floor. Also the doors are loaded in by the programmers, & I forgot to show the door frames when I took this picture.

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