Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A painfully un-productive day.

Today was a painfully un-productive day.... as the title suggests. It started with the regular, head to a group meeting & whatnot, but after I left I found myself trapped in a nightmare scenario dream, being held hostage by 2 people, with a lovely woman's life being threatened... on the 18th floor of a large hotel... A very nice modern hotel, that had a rather horrible view out the windows of 3 large parking blocks. Dream had started with some gratuitous violence where I and another apparent undercover FBI agent tried to stop a VIP of some sort from being killed... it didn't go well, which led to that first bit I mentioned... All in all, very stressful, & a very use-less... use, of time. Now where was I.... oh, wasting time... >.<

As for real things, I have looked over the asset list again for EVP, but am still waiting till tomorrow to do any major work on it just in case there is a change in room priority in our game again.

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